Knee Joint Pain

Knee Joint is one of the most important joint in our body which keeps us mobile. A large number of indian men and women are now suffering from knee joint pain. The primary reason behind this is the rising obesity levels and a sedentary lifestyle. Sports has never been an integral part of Indian culture and women hardly take part in field sports. Not more than 10% of the Indian population do regular exercise. Vitamin D Deficiency has accentuated the problem and Osteoarthritis is on the rise. Knee joins the thigh bone with the shin bone and consists of two C-shaped pieces of cartilage called the medial and lateral menisci which act as shock absorbers between the two bones. Osteoarthritis and obesity eat into this cartilage which becomes thinner with time and the two bones start grinding against each other which causes pain. Initially the pain is felt while walking but soon the patient starts to experience pain even while sitting or lying down. Many treatments are available for alleviating this pain but none of them are as successful as Knee Replacement Surgery. Gel can be injected in the knee joint which acts as a shock absorber but the effects last for 7-8 months only. Platelet rich Plasma (PRP) is also being injected into the knee joint in an attempt to regenerate the cartilage but the results are not very encouraging.

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Knee Replacement Surgery

The only tried and tested method for long term pain relief is Knee Replacement Surgery. However if you are scared of this surgery or are not fit to undergo the surgery then losing 5-10 kg of body weight can also do wonders. In Knee Replacement Surgery, the surgeon will remove the diseased cartilage and scrape the surface of the thigh bone and the shin bone where they meet at the knee joint. The scraped surface is replaced with metallic implant and special plastic material is placed between the two metallic surfaces to replace the cartilage. Same plastic material is placed at the back of the knee cap. The metal implants are fixed to the bone using bone cement as an adhesive. The surgery for each knee takes around 2 hours and the patient is shifted to the post operative ward after the completion of the surgery. The patient is kept there for 5-6 hours till the effect of anaesthesia weans off. Epidural pain relief is continued for the next 2-3 days so that the patient feels no pain after the surgery. The patient is shifted to the room on the same day and is made to sit in the bed within 24 hours of the surgery. On the next day, the physiotherapy team assists the patient in getting off the bed and on their feet with the help of a walker. The patient is made to walk till the washroom on a walker. The intensity of the exercise increases with each day and the patient is discharged from the hospital within 4-5 days.

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Best Doctors And Cost

Dr Vikrant Khanna is one of the most qualified and extensively trained Orthopedic Surgeon for doing Knee Replacement Surgery at Kalyani Hospital. The cost of Knee Replacement Surgery at Kalyani Hospital is Rs. 1.5 lacs for each knee using FDA approved imported implants. The cost is Rs. 2 lacs if the patient opts for a Single Deluxe AC Room. The hospital stay is 5 days and physiotherapy needs to be given to the patient for atleast 20 days after the surgery. The patient is called to the hospital for removal of stitches 15 days after the surgery. If you have an individual health insurance policy then this surgery is covered after a period of 4 years from the date of inception of the policy. However if you are a beneficiary of company given policy then the surgery is covered from day one. Always go through the terms of your health insurance policy like room rent capping and co-payment to avoid any kind of financial shocks later on. If your insurance cover is less then you can opt for Single Knee Replacement Surgery in one year and can get the other knee operated in the next year. This way you would avoid paying for your treatment and the money saved can be spent on buying some new shoes because after the knee replacement surgery you would be up and running. Your new pair of shoes would keep you in good spirits and make your enemies jealous.

Proud Lineage

Kalyani Hospital was the first superspecialty hospital of Gurgaon. During the last 2 decades, we had the privilege of serving the residents of Haryana as the ultimate referral centre. For patients of Road Traffic Accident, trauma, head injuries, fractures, heart attack, stroke and many other medical emergencies, Kalyani Hospital has been the beacon of hope. The trust of the patients in Kalyani Hospital has meant that the best doctors in the city got associated with our Hospital for providing the best in class medical treatments. Many hospitals have come up in Gurgaon in the last 15 years but the patient’s trust earned by Kalyani Hospital remains unshaken.

Cutting Edge Technology

Kalyani Hospital has been in the forefront of deploying cutting edge technology for the benefit of our patients. Our Intensive Care Units are equipped with the latest ventilators, monitors and other life saving equipments. The Radiology department has the ultrafast 32 Slice CT Scanner, Ultrasound, Colour Doppler and Digital X-Ray to provide all the diagnostic services inhouse. All our other departments like Gastroenterology, ENT, General Surgery, Orthopaedics, Dental Surgery, Physiotherapy, Plastic Surgery, Intensive Care, Gynaecology and Obstetrics have the latest and most advanced medical equipments to achieve superior results for the patients.

A Professional Medical Team

Our Medical team is led by renowned General, Laparoscopic and Orthopedic Surgeon – Dr Subhash Khanna. In a career spanning over 40 years, Dr Khanna is known to the residents of Gurgaon for his surgical and administrative skills. Our team of doctors is a fine blend of young doctors who are trained in the latest medical technology and experienced senior consultants. The team of doctors is supported by well qualified and experienced nurses and paramedics. Special focus is given on upgradation of the knowledge and skills through regular training of the staff. The hospital offers quality medical services which are accredited by NABH.

Meet Our Doctors

Our administration and support staff all have exceptional people skills and trained to assist you with all medical enquiries.


Dr Subhash Khanna removed ovarian tumour weighing 9 kg from this patient while preserving the ovaries. This is currently the largest ovarian tumour recorded. Watch the Video.

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